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Article #4, continued from

"Victor Shapinov"

This article is directed against the liberal-left interpretation of the war in Ukraine. They see the war as a “people’s uprising” of the East of Ukraine (Donbass), against a fascist regime in Kiev, backed by Western imperialism. This primitive characterization is given voice, for example by Patelis Dimitris, an activist from Greece, who was speaking at the International Forum of Solidarity with Donbass, organized by Alexey Mozgovoy, in May 2015:

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Article #3, continued from

"Polemic on RevLeft around the IAC appeal on the war in Donbass"

The discussion on RevLeft refers to an article by a well-known "leftist" in Ukraine Victor Shapinov as a definitive statement on the war in Ukraine. The title of the article is "Marxism and the War in Donbass", written in 2015. Let's see who is Victor Shapinov, and what does his article say. 

1) Victor Shapinov

Victor Shapinov (photo above) is one of t ... Read more »

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Article #2,

continued from "The Nature of the War in Ukraine"

1) "Gavrilo93" sees the above IAC appeal as “Russian imperialist propaganda”. Question: since when the Russian Federation has been added to the “imperialist” country list?

If “imperialism” is an international policy of finance capital, as defined by Lenin, Rudolph Hilferding, and John Hobson, then since when Russia has been a dictatorship of &l ... Read more »

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After reading at RevLeft forum a discussion about the war in Ukraine, I feel it would be very useful to explain the situation in Ukraine to the international left, as someone who has been living in Ukraine for a long time, and who considers himself a socialist.

First, I will number the existing ideas about the nature of this war, starting with the people who participate in the RevLeft discussion.

Then, I will expand to include leftists in Ukraine, Russia, and other countries.

Then, I will explain my researches, which included field trips, comparison with other similar countries, collection of data on Ukraine, etc.

I think this discussion will further our understanding of the nature of socialism and "revolutionary leftists".

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Louis Proyect, "an unrepentant Marxist", has published a good article titled Negri, Graeber, Holloway, the cult of Abdullah Ocalan and the Rojava Revolution. Basically, it states that socialists sing praises to Ocalan, the jailed leader of the militant PKK, Kurdish Workers' Party. We can add that it is not only the Western socialists who sing this, but also some Russian socialists, such as Alexander Tarasov, in his article "Казнь Оджалана не остановит курдов", (Execution of Ocalan Will Not Stop the Kurds), 1999. 

The cult of Ocalan, with his portrait hung in the wall, reminds us of the cult of Stalin, in 1930's, and the role which the West ... Read more »

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Louis Proyect, “an unrepentant Marxist”, has published an article by Arash Azizi “After Trotskyism, What? Some Personal Thoughts”.

The article discusses personal experience of Arash Azizi in one of m ... Read more »

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I became interested in re-examining the "Arab Spring" (2010-11) because of what is happening in Rojava (northern Syria), and Murray Bookchin serving as an ideological guide to Abdullah Ocalan, the jailed leader of the Kurds. Murray Bookchin seems to place a great emphasis on self-organization of people: local assemblies, etc. Hence, my renewed interest in re-examining the "Arab Spring", as one movement where the initiative came from below, without a guiding party to harness the energy. 

One of the memorable authors (on the topic of Arab spring) I came across was Gilbert Achcar ("GA" from now on). GA writes in "Jacobin" magazine:

"this “Spri

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Read original here

Original with comments here .

My comments:

1. The article is very informative. One can feel a "professor" approach to the material, i.e. thoroughness. However, Alex de Jong didn't notice the divergence between PKK and Ocalan in 1990's, the increasing Stalinization of the party, which Ocalan was opposing. This was covered in the book "Turkey’s Kurds. A theoretical analysis of the PKK and Abdullah Öcalan", by Özcan, Ali Kemal, New York 2006.

2. The "professor" approach is also a major drawback, as the author tries to maintain a visibility of "neutrality" in the actual class struggle in which he is participating. There is a ver ... Read more »

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