Knowledge as a weapon
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In the ancient society, predating slavery, women were the dominating sex.

An echo of this we find in the myths of Amazons. These were the women warriors who took men for the purposes of procreation.

Images of Amazons in art can be found here.

An Amazon wearing trousers, from a Greek vase, V century B.C.

It is curious that (some) Amazons inhabited the plains to modern day southern Ukraine and Russia, the so-called "Sarmatia". (More read here)

Gradually, the status of women was lowered.

Penelope, the wife of Odysseus, is no more than the highest among the slave girls. Telemachus, her ... Read more »

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In ancient Greece, there were two kinds of education: Spartan and Athenian (which corresponds to the great division of the Greek society into two kinds of social systems and military alliances). Spartan education was basically a military one, while the Athenian was more of a balanced between developing both the body and the mind.

Wikipedia writes on the Spartan education:

"the Spartans structured their educational system as an extreme form of military boot camp, which they referred to as agoge.[27] The pursuit of intellectual knowledge was seen as trivial, and thus academic learning, such as reading and writing, was kept to a minimum. A Spartan boy’s life was devoted almost entirely to his school, and that school had but one purpose: to produce an almost indestructible Spartan ... Read more »

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