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I became interested in re-examining the "Arab Spring" (2010-11) because of what is happening in Rojava (northern Syria), and Murray Bookchin serving as an ideological guide to Abdullah Ocalan, the jailed leader of the Kurds. Murray Bookchin seems to place a great emphasis on self-organization of people: local assemblies, etc. Hence, my renewed interest in re-examining the "Arab Spring", as one movement where the initiative came from below, without a guiding party to harness the energy. 

One of the memorable authors (on the topic of Arab spring) I came across was Gilbert Achcar ("GA" from now on). GA writes in "Jacobin" magazine:

"this “Spri

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Read original here

Original with comments here .

My comments:

1. The article is very informative. One can feel a "professor" approach to the material, i.e. thoroughness. However, Alex de Jong didn't notice the divergence between PKK and Ocalan in 1990's, the increasing Stalinization of the party, which Ocalan was opposing. This was covered in the book "Turkey’s Kurds. A theoretical analysis of the PKK and Abdullah Öcalan", by Özcan, Ali Kemal, New York 2006.

2. The "professor" approach is also a major drawback, as the author tries to maintain a visibility of "neutrality" in the actual class struggle in which he is participating. There is a ver ... Read more »

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