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Productive forces can be defined as objective and subjective elements, which are combined in the process of production, for the purpose of maintaining, developing, and reproducing life.

Definite stages in development of productive forces roughly correspond to definite levels of organization of society. Thus, as Marx noticed, a steam locomotive gives us a capitalist society.

What are the modern productive forces? A unifying category for these is “knowledge”. In other words, all modern productive forces are a manifestation of knowledge, in one form or another.

This warrants some explanation…

When I ask some person who knows the “inside” politics of the former Soviet Union, “why was there war in Chechnya”, he will reply “control of the oil”. This answer is correct, ... Read more »

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What is revolutionary class globally?

1. Introduction, posing the problem

In the current announcement of “events” by “Jacobin”, one of the leading socialist magazines in the U.S. today, we have “Why do socialists talk so much about workers?”

Speaker: Vivek Chibber. Information about him: “Vivek Chibber is a professor of sociology at New York University. His latest book is "Postcolonial Theory and the Specter of Capital". Not a worker, a professor…

Brief description of the lecture: “Most people know that socialists place the working class at the center of their political vision. But why exactly?

Because workers are not only a social group that is systematically exploited, they ... Read more »

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As I browse through “RevLeft” forum, I notice that what is lacking is a program.
To explain what I mean, I would like to quote M. P ... Read more »

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Continued from here

2. Technical meetups in New York

In addition to my political interest, which is really an interest in social justice, I have an interest in advanced modes of production. One of these is 3D printing.

So, I googled for “3D printing in New York City”. First, I found different companies that do 3D printing. But I wanted to go somewhere where they teach you about 3D printing. So I found “Fat Cat Lab”, with its “Arduino Tuesdays”, and “3D printing Thursdays”. “Arduino” is a very popular, open source microcontroller, which is used in various hobby projects, such as simple robots – something I started to make when I got involved in 3D printing. This microcontroller can be used to make “obstacle avoiding robot”, such as this:

... Read more »

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1. Looking for left-wingers

For the New Year, I visited my mother living in New York. I thought I don’t want her to be alone, and she is a rather old lady now. Why should we care about strangers, who are old and lonely, and forget our own relatives? We all know how it is to be alone and without things to do, when we are out of work. Our parents, when they are retired, are like unemployed people… They have little to do, and hence our visit for them is really a holiday.

So, having gotten a ticket to New York in October, on December 24th I flew in.

Once in New York, I started looking for people whom I can contact. I am a leftist, and so I was looking for left people.

The first person I looked up on Internet was Louis Proyect, “an unrepentant Marxist”, as he calls himself, ... Read more »

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Revolutionary Afghanistan Women's Association,

The most informative on Afghanistan was, and is, the site of RAWA. Many of the photographs and some of the articles used to illustrate the current situation in Afghanistan here come from their site. However, in spite of their name, RAWA is not ... Read more »

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Beginning here

1. Politics in the epoch of Restoration.

Sergey Zharov writes:

"Outside the Kabul the real power belongs to the field commanders, each of whom controls one or more province of Afghanistan. For example, Rashid Dustum takes care of the region of Mazari-Sharif, Ismail Khan - Herat, etc. President (Karzai) interests them as a distributor of foreign money and a muffle at the top position; otherwise, a civil war would start again, as it was in the years before the appearance of Taliban".

Karzai is no more than a mayor of Kabul, and fully dependent on the soldiers of NATO. He is balancing between former commanders of "the Northern Alliance", and thus preserves an uneasy ... Read more »

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1. The organization of guerrillas

The organization of the mujahideen guerrillas is interesting for us. A Soviet general writes:

"Opposition organizations had a clearly defined structure, which was similar for them all. The directing body was an executive council which consisted of a chairman of a party, his representatives in ideology, politics, military and administrative problems, and also chairmen of committees.

The headquarters usually consisted of committees: political, military, finance, administrative, organizational problems and propaganda, information, the refugees, justice and counter-intelligence.

The headquarters controlled the armed bands on the territory of Afghanistan and situation in the zone of their responsibility, planned military action, preparation and conduct of caravans with weapons, ammunition, etc. on the te ... Read more »

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1. The leaders of the mujahideen

A civil war starts in the summer 1978. It is headed by the feudal landlords, the comprador capitalists, and the Islamic mullahs. To explain the meaning of these terms, it may be appropriate to give a characteristic of three leaders of the mujahideen.

Gul'budin Hekmatiyar - born in 1944 in a family of a large landowner. Studied in the engineering department of the Kabul university. According to the people who knew him a ... Read more »

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Beginning is here

4. 1978-79: the Khalq program in action

Every revolution has two aspects: one is political-military, and the other is social-economic. The military overthrow of the old regime is easier than social-economic development of society. A party aiming to take power should have ready a social-economic plan upon taking power.

... Read more »

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