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We're living in a society in which we need to overthrow the powers that be and take power into our own hands.

However, if we look realistically, there is no social force, at the beginning of XXI century, which is ready to take the political power. There is no force like Lenin, who, at the remark, in 1917, that no one Soviet party is ready to take power from the hands of the Provisional government, replied: "There is such a party!" Of course, we can not consider different "Trotskyist", or Stalinist, or anarchist groups now in existence as ready to take power. It is enough to look at the level of their publications - both on paper and on Internet - to convince oneself of this.

Hence, the task in front of us is to prepare to take the power. Taking power means being able to understand the society. To learn to do that, there is a wide arena open for us, called "history". It is necessary to learn to understand at least some periods ... Read more »

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In 1980 A. Gorz has come out with the book “Farewell to the Working Class”, in which he pointed out that modern changes in science and technology demote the proletariat, i.e. the industrial workers, from the role of the main revolutionary subject.

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In the Marxian philosophy, there is the concept of “productive forces”. The productive forces consist of subjective and objective means of production (the first being the people, the second being the materials necessary for production). In the process of combination, or synthesis, of the subjective and objective means of production, production takes place, thereby reproducing the means of subsistence for human beings, and developing them as a species, and as individual human beings.

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The goal of the proposal is to clear up the goals before socialists.

This is based on the “Revolutionary Socialism: The Minimum Theoretical, Political and Organisational Platform: A Proposal for Discussion published by Iranian socialists in 1994 in London, after the defeat of the Iranian revolution of 1979.

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We attempt to isolate the main problems of Afghanistan before the start of the long cycle of revolution and counter-revolution, understand the main political parties - both on the left and on the right - and discuss the development of the country from the times of civil war through the rule of Taliban, up to the current American invasion.

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After reading the thesis below, one of my opponents has asked me two questions:

  1. You suppose that Russia, Ukraine, etc. are not capitalist states. What arguments do you have to support that?
  2. If the war in Ukraine is not a war for its independence (as my opponent, a Ukrainian nationalist, believes it to be), then what kind of war is it? Where did we have similar wars before?

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