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Bourgeois revolutions

Towards Understanding the Logic of Revolution Using the English Revolution as a Primary Example

  1. General Concept of Revolution
  2. Material Production Preceding the English Revolution
  3. From Religion to Rebellion
  4. Roger Bacon, Francis Bacon and Descartes on Learning
  5. Poetic Criticism of the Old Social Order: Dyer and Raleigh
  6. The Drama of a Revolutionary: Faustus
  7. Definition of Revolution and Results of Investigation
  8. Peaceful Stage of the English Revolution
  9. The Civil War in the English Revolution
  10. Communists and sexual revolutionaries
  11. Centrist Dictatorship - a Necessary Stage in Every Political Revolution
  12. Restoration
  13. A Negation of the Restoration Regime: a "Glorious Revolution"
  14. Achievements of the English Revolution
  15. The Logic of a Social Revolution
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