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Revolution in Afghanistan: an introduction


The first part of the essay will be devoted to the problem why the U.S. has chosen this country as the first one to invade after the events of 9/11/2001.

The second part is devoted to the discussing the history of revolution and counter-revolution in Afghanistan in brief.

In the third part, we discuss the revolution in detail. This is continued in the fourth part

In the fifth part we discuss Thermidor in the Afghani revolution, i.e. a roll-back of the movement. 

In the sixth part, we start discussing Restoration in the revolution. Discusssion of politics and war in Afghanistan in the Restoration epoch is in the seventh part.

In the eighth part we look at 4 left-wing organizations in Afghanistan. Where will the next revolution come from?

An edited version of the eight parts above is called "The Logic of Events in Afghanistan", and it is here.

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