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Why Study Ancient Greece?

We're living in a society in which we need to overthrow the powers that be and take power into our own hands.

However, if we look realistically, there is no social force, at the beginning of XXI century, which is ready to take the political power. There is no force like Lenin, who, at the remark, in 1917, that no one Soviet party is ready to take power from the hands of the Provisional government, replied: "There is such a party!" Of course, we can not consider different "Trotskyist", or Stalinist, or anarchist groups now in existence as ready to take power. It is enough to look at the level of their publications - both on paper and on Internet - to convince oneself of this.

Hence, the task in front of us is to prepare to take the power. Taking power means being able to understand the society. To learn to do that, there is a wide arena open for us, called "history". It is necessary to learn to understand at least some periods in humans history. It would be much better to learn to understand all the periods of human history in their connection and development.

In other words, if you want to understand something, first you need to learn to understand the history of the problem, later on passing to the current state of the problem, and trying to do something about it. If a person devotes his/her entire life to history, the chance are that s/he has forgot why s/he has come to history as a subject, which is for the present. On the other hand, if a person is totally absorbed by politics, i.e. the current history, chances are that s/he doesn't have the apparatus which helps in orientation in the complexity of the events. The best politicians have always been historians as well. For example, in the United States this is Henry Kissinger, who wrote a dissertation on the epoch of Restoration in Europe (XIX century), after which he switched to strategic investigations of the period of the Cold War (the middle of XX century).

Dialectical materialist conception of history exists; to apply it to time periods is the task. Ancient Greek history is one of such periods. We view it as a "sandbox" in which we can play, before we're ready to depart for "the real thing".

The period of apprenticeship is over when we are no longer interested in ancient history, but in current history, in our times. We need to learn to apply dialectical materialist method to our times to understand them correctly and hence to revolutionize them.

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